Shadow's Master

Shadow's Master - Jon Sprunk The end of this saga, and I do like that fact because a trilogy can be so good. Only 3 books and an ending close by. At the same time it's really sad, because it's only 3 books.At the beginning of this book Caim is heading north, into unknown territory and everywhere there is danger, eternal darkness and the cold. With him he has 3 men. One who does not talk much, and two who only want wenches. Will he find his mother is the question, the Shadow's Master? And how on earth will he survive? because of these questions I am on the edge of my seat all the way through the book.Caim is a favorite as always, yes I do have a soft spot for assassins. He does not say much, he has freaky shadows dancing around him and he is so good with weapons. And he comes with a fae woman who dances around him too, jumping in and out of his life. Who could not like Kit? And especially now when she has gone and fallen for him and they do make sense.But this book is not only about Caim, we also see Empress Josey again who is trying to keep invaders out of her country. And the question here is also, Caim and her, over? Can both move on?I am stuck again, this always happens when I enjoy a book, and when it's the last book. Because what more can I say? I liked the series, it was surprising at times, it was exciting, it was dark, and it was light. It had good baddies and they sure came from an interesting world. This last part was just as good as the previous books and it's with sadness I say goodbye. But it's also with a smile I end this series because not all managed to go out on top.Conclusion:It's a good fantasy series and I recommend it. It also has this easy way over it that makes it fun to read, a fast read and you'll enjoy every bit. With that I can only say, please write more Jon Sprunk :)