Compromised - Kate Noble I am going to make this short because mostly I am just annoyed by this book. Kate Noble is an excellent writer, the book is good, fun, but the story. I did not like it one bit.Max our hero compromises lovely Evangeline. He finds her alluring and wants to do naughty things with her. At the same time he is annoyed by her sister who he calls the brat. Ok everything seems fine, except for the fact that Evangeline is not the heroine. The Brat, also known as Gail is the heroine. Gail is smart, witty and I like her. But this whole mess annoyed me. He starts having feelings for Gail, still he plans to marry the sister and likes her looks. And when he finally gets that he loves Gail, well too little too late. I do not want to read about that. It could have worked if the bride to be had been a bitch, or not known to us. But her own sister, who does that? Shame on you Gail, shame on you Max. Sure I know the two of you are meant to be but it was gone about all wrong. I am not spoiling things when I mentioned the smexing, we all know there is smexing in HR, always. That just got me more annoyed, as if it was possible.So sadly this book annoyed me. It was not the writing, no, it was the story. It so did not work for me, and I kind of already knew that from the start. The blurb had already told my inner booklover that the book might not be for me, but it's Kate Noble! Of course I had to get this debut book from her. She is still an autobuy, and I have found my biggest romance pet peeve.Conclusion:Sadly annoying :/ But do try her other books! And you might like this one too, if you do not get so worked up as I did.