Horizon (Sharing Knife Series #4)

Horizon  - Lois McMaster Bujold I know I know, I have been bored for 2 books now and still I read this one. I just wanted to know how it ended. But after having thought about this, it ended as boringly as it went on. Nothing happened at the end either.Right this book then. Dag and Fawn talk --> they talk to other people --> they think about things ----> they are going north with a bunch of other people ---> more talking and thinking.*falls asleep* Yes I actually fell asleep while reading.Nothing happens, and when something finally does happen I am just too bored to notice. Still the book is not bad, it's well written and interesting. But it's just so darn boring!Would I recommend it? No, I can't say I would. Do i feel foolish for reading them? Yes I do, darn these books, they were boring but still they compelled me to continue. At least they are a fast read.