Stormlord Rising (Stormlord Series #2)

Stormlord Rising - Glenda Larke This book has 3 main, and as always I had a favorite. One whose chapters I really wanted to read. I think that in book 1 it was Shale I wanted to read about, but that went and changed.Shale, or Jasper, is a prisoner in this book as it picks up right after the fall of Breccia in book 1. He is angrier, stronger and he will not be used again. Terelle, the woman he loves has fled as her grandfather forces her to return to his country of origin. I am getting more and more intrigued by the Watergivers. Who are they really and what do they do up there in their land of plenty? Terelle's story was a about a journey, while Shale's story was about breaking free.But then we have my fav POV, Ryka. The rainlord who finally had found love and was pregnant in book 1. In this one she turns into a Reduner whore and tries he best to hide who she really is. She was so strong, and she does not back down. She is not afraid. And her POV was the one I wanted to read about the most. Because, was Kaneth really dead? Would she be able to flee. And yes the enigmatic man who catches her was interesting.The whole story is about journey's and the build up to one big battle. It does not end with a cliffhanger, but there is still so much to be dealt with. I do fear for many of them.Conclusion:I recommend this fantasy series. It can be bloody, it's real, people hold grudges, kill, love and try their best to live in a harsh world.