Blackveil (Green Rider 4)

Blackveil - Kristen Britain Do you know what the most horrible part was? Knowing that it might take years before book 5 comes out! Yes I do mean years because book 1 came out in the math. The other books have all ended well, even if the doom is out there, but this one, no of course it did not end like that. It ended with one huge cliffie, a true evil cliffie in every sense of the word. I despair...I must know! But no, it will take a few years.As has been said before the second Empire still wants to take over the country. Grandmother, that evil witch is up to her old tricks. A truly well made evil baddie. She thinks she is good, while she certainly is the opposite. But she is not the only evil one, back at court we have someone else who is wolf among sheep. I thought he was bad in book 3, but here, oh that man needs to be stopped.The good guys then. Alton is trying to fix the wall, King Zachary is still brooding over Karigan. Karigan is being sent to the Blackveil (and is brooding too), Lord Amberhill who showed up in book 3 has a bigger part all the sudden and I can't put my finger on it. Does Britain mean Karigan to end up with him? But then he did flirt with the future queen too. Anyway he has a destiny. And Estora, well she is all nice (too nice), and things happens, she deals well with them, but at one time I just wanted her to say stop because it was shameful. I can't say what happened, but at least for medical reasons she should have known better. So yes I do not like her. And not only cos I want Karigan and Zachary to be happy. Which they never will be, and I really do not know how Britain will fix this. Amberhill? But I do not want that to happen. Oh the romance drama is so non-existing in a way and yet so very delicious. Going into the Blackveil means danger, and a lot of it. Secrets, blood and more is promised in this exciting new part of the Green Rider series.But, how will I survive until book 5? And how will Britain save this poor world? But then good always wins and I always doubt it. I do need more, and now.