Legacy (Sharing Knife Series #2)

Legacy  - Lois McMaster Bujold This time I knew it was romantic fantasy, but honestly, how can so little happen?They came to the camp, peeps hated his farmer wife, tension -> tension -> and more tension. He went to fight. -> silence. More tension and then the end.Sure I still enjoyed it, but I think it is the world that saves it for me. It is a splendid world. I am so angry at the farmers for their stupidity. I think the lakewalkers should let those idiots get eaten. They save the farmers and do not even get a thank you. I am happy to get more explanations of times long gone. So yes the world is good.Ok, let's get back to the reason why it was icky in book 1. Spoiler warning but that you gotta take if you are reading a review of book 2. Dag is in his 50s, Fawn is 18 and is short as a kid. He mistook her for one the first time they met. Sure lakers live longer and therefore he looks to be in his 40s. Coughs, not much better now is it....But I will read more, because I want to know how this story unfolds. A lot may not happen, but she still got me reading.