Love in Mid Air

Love in Mid Air - Kim Wright My thoughts:I read this one slowly, it was just one of those books that had a way that you took your time with it. It also made me think about things.Elyse is unhappy. She tries to talk to her husband, but he can't see what's wrong. Their marriage is in trouble and he is blind to it. Because what would the town say!? And so she has an affair. Now this is not something I usually like. but here it makes sense and it gives her power. It makes her happier and it makes her want to leave this crappy marriage. This also made me think as the author says that the best thing women do is staying. They stay, no matter what.It's a tale about trying to save a marriage, forbidden lust, finding yourself again and about friendship. What she would do without her friends I do not know. They are rocks in her life and she complain to them about her bad marriage, and to some, about the affair. The reader also gets to see the marriages of the friends, and not everything is rosy there either. But every woman is different and can handle different things.It was a good book and it felt so real. She tried her best, she did the wrong things, but at the same time the right things. And she really did try. It's a book with scenes from a life.Conclusion:I can't say why it made me think about so many things, but it just did, love, life and everything else. It was a book where I wanted the heroine to find herself and therefore save herself.