Lord of Illusion

The Lord of Illusion - Kathryne Kennedy This is the third and last book in the series. The Elven rule is to come to an end, or least the rebels hope so. Many years have gone by since book 1 and in this book we meet Drystan Hawkes. The couple from book 2 has raised him in Wales and so the story continues. Drystan is more of the bookish kind of hero, and I do love a hero who loves books. He is also in love with a woman he has been dreaming of and wants to find her. And we all know that that woman will be the mysterious slave girl. Camille who has been mistreated and does not trust men. It's not a love story that will be easy but true love will always win and their passion can conquer everything.The book is about these two finding each other, the rebels trying to win the war and the cruelty of the Elven Lords. It's quite the race to the finish line.One thing I was not too happy about and that was that there was a mention of two other couples that has stolen scepters and I felt cheated. I wanted to read their stories, but I can't since they are not written, and I really wish they had been written. Instead it had jumped over a few important things and come to this point so that there could be ending to it all. Still I liked the book even if I felt like I wanted to read those stories too.Conclusion:It's an enchanting story about love, passion and magic.