Moonstruck Madness

Moonstruck Madness (Casablanca Classics) - Laurie McBain My thoughts:This book was first published in the 70s and it shows, it was a different time for romance.I will go back to the beginning first. Sabrina is living in England and to support her family she is a highwayman. She is a hellcat with claws. One night she steals from Lucien, the Duke of Camareigh and he wants "him, the highwayman" dead. Well we all know that is not gonna happen.I do wonder what it is about old romance and all the drama. Oh these people hate each other, and say so too, and then the passion takes over. They just can't decide. One time she slaps him, and he slaps her back. Now I winched but decided to blame it on the old school romance thing, still, so uncool, you do not hit a woman.The other thing is that she is 17, and he is in his 30s. Truth be told I do not have a problem with that, the book takes place 250 years ago and there was nothing strange about it then. But the thing I did not like was the drama. These two should just have sat down and talked, instead of yelling, running away, doing stupid things and being so angry all the time *looking at you Sabrina*.Still it was an amusing tale, she had guts being a highwayman, and then there was the sidestory that stole my attention. The Colonel sent to find the wicked highwayman, and her sister Mary who has the sight.Recommendation and final thoughts:The story is sure not like they write them now, it's fun to see how things have changed. And the title does fit, they go mad, that's for sure.Reason for reading:Sounded good