The Accidental Demon Slayer

The Accidental Demon Slayer - Angie Fox Let me just first say that I love the dog Pirate, he is the bes part, funny, and always talking. And just look at the cutie there on the cover, I am not a dog person but I am a pirate gal.Lizzie lives a normal live, she has a job, a home, friends, no man though, but as the is about to turn 30 she is ok with it all. Then she is contacted by her grandmother who she has never met, and suddenly there is a demon in her toilet and they are on the run. She is told she is a demon slayer and now they are out to kill her. What is a girl to do, run and fast. Her biker grandma, pirate and Lizzy heads down the road, where they soon will meet hunky Dimitri.Lizzie is nice, and I like her. She is taking this demon slaying business as anyone would, not good, and that is understandable. Her grandma is crazy, who could not like an old biker chick who wears the clothes and listen to the music. The talking dog, well I do love him. Then there is Dimitri, a griffin, and a good looking man. All alpha, rough and I would sure fall into his arms. There is an attraction between Lizzy and him at once, and I sure like it.I like the gang of biker witches, different and they fit the story. Then there are the werewolves, and gotta love those too. I am sure more paranormal beings will show up the next time. In this we see imps, water nymphs and of course demons. Nasty demons from hell and they should stay there.Much action there is not, she is still learning and mostly trying to keep her head down. But there are some fighting. There is also hot romance, I promise you that. There are some laughs and funny situations promised. All in all a good book with a mix of everything, it will be fun to see what will happen in book 2. Lizzy and pirate is a good team, and I do wanna see more of Dimitri.