River Marked (Mercy Thompson)

River Marked - Patricia Briggs My thoughts:The sixth book, ok you know the drill, kick-ass heroine and hunky werewolves, and lots of other things.This one was not as good as Silver Borne, but it was better in another way. I learned more about her Indian heritage and folklore, and we met old Coyote, a weird being that is not of this world. You just have to read it to figure it out. He is a spirit warrior, and he create the first walker, and Mercy thinks she is all alone in the world. So I sure liked all that.But on the other side there was less suspense and danger..ok not really, there is one BIG danger and that sure gets scary. Still the book had another vibe to it, and it all took place around a campsite. Oh and it was their honeymoon, yay. So that was fun cos now they finally is one.The monster, good one, can't say more.Conclusion:Evn if I did not love as much as the previous book I still loved it, and I love this series so if you have not started it then it's about time.Rating:What are you waiting for?!