The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive)

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson My thoughts:This is then part 2 of book 1. I reviewed part 1 a few days ago. The book is over a 1000 pages long so this paperback release was published as two parts. I liked part 1 and it helped build the world. Part 2 was excellent. At times it had me almost biting my nails when it got really intense. I did not feel like looking at the end because I wanted to savor every moment even if it meant reading for hours until my eyes were bleeding. Yes you get the point, I did not want to put down this book. It really helped making Sanderson one of my fav fantasy authors.I have said it before and I will say it anything, he is a master worldbuilder. And at the end of the book he shook the foundations of everything I thought I knew. I gasped for air and could not believe what I just read. It was so good, just read the book and we will talk.Kaladin, oh poor Kaladin, he still carry bridges for the army. They are nothing more than cannon fodder. They die like flies but he is a shining beacon. He helps his men survive and he will help his crew escape. He is a true leader and hero, and I love him to pieces. His story is the best and it also have me aching since his fate is so cruel, but he does not give up. Dalinar then, he becomes more and more intriguing. He has these visions of times long gone and everyone thinks he is insane. I do wonder why things are happening to him. Kaladin's power I have figured out but Dalinar, oh yes I wonder about that old bear. The third big character is Shallan, I found a new respect for her too. She does redeem herself at the end of this book. She too sees things, all around her, but why? Something is happening to all 3 of them that will change this world. Since the end seems to be coming, the bad guys are coming back.This was a great start to this fantasy series. It has everything, politics, magic, war, great characters, questions and a world created so well.Conclusion:I recommend this to all fantasy fans. Do not get scared by the size of the book, when you well get started you will not be able to put it down. Amazing start and I can't wait for book 2 and more of this great story. Hurry up and go and read it.Rating:Recommened