Linger  - Maggie Stiefvater I have no idea what happened. I could never get into the book. The first 1 was so good, I loved the style. Here, well here the style failed for me. I got annoyed at the feeling that I stood at the outside looking in. I never got warm, I never felt like I was there. I did not like the constant POV changes, 4 were too many.I was never invested in the story, I never cared about these two, or Isabel and Cole. But most of all nothing at all happened. It was a long fever dream where most of the time was spent "oh I love you, I miss you" etc etc. If someone would ask me what happened I would say that Grace and Sam thought about each other, Cole was dealing with his change and Grace's parents got mad, cos that was it.It was still good, it was just not, interesting.