The Horsemaster's Daughter (Calhoun Chronicles, Book 2)

The Horsemaster's Daughter (Calhoun Chronicles, Book 2) - Susan Wiggs When it comes to the other book, The Horsemaster's Daughter, well then I prefer the first somewhat more. They are both ok, but I guess I just go for sea stories sometime, even if he was not a pirate. She wants him, he wants her, but he is rich, and she is nothing. But she goes with him to take care of his horses.There was a twist in this one, well dunno if it was a twist when it was so obvious. But I liked it. This story is much about healing, not just the horse, but his children too, and also him. They must all learn to be happy again, and she has a gift for that.Dunno if I liked Eliza, she was ok, but I don't know, Hunter was, ok too, even if both books had one thing that made me roll my eyes. Shall not say more.Nice story, strong woman, and a nice setting.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: These are reprints and I do like themReason for Reading: Library booksFinal thoughts: Charm school was the better one.