Seven Princes

Seven Princes - John R. Fultz When I read this book I kept thinking that this book will get a conclusion, cool. And it did. Everything ended all nicely, but then, oh yes then there was that one loose thread and I realized that this is a series. But is felt like a different sort of series since it did have an ending. No cliffie at all (sort of.)The story also felt kind of old school, and I love old school fantasy. A prince flees as an evil sorcerer kills everyone he holds dear. On his trip north he meets more princes and together they will fight this evil. D’Zan who we meet first is the hero on the run, a scared prince who grows. I liked him, because who would not be a bit scared? Then we got lots more and I will not name them all, since this is a many POV book. We got the two princes from Udur, I think this was my fav characters and kingdom. It is made up from giants and men and these princes are both. A very fascinating history. Their sister also plays a roll, and their elder brother he is not nice at all. Then we got their cousin and lastly 2 twin princes from the south. One a scholar and one a warrior. Together these princes forms bounds with each other and fight the coming battle. Then we got something called the Old Breed, I will not spoil anything. An evil witch from the south, a mysterious maiden a prince meets and I will leave it there. It might seem like a lot, but it is all connected and many of these spend most of the time together. A do like a good cast and the author is not very nice, he will make them suffer.The story is rich in history and its setting. There is a good mythology behind it all and good questions to be asked. These people do not know it all after all.Conclusion:A nice beginning to a series, but by the excerpt at the back I still do not know if the people around in this book will be around in the next one. It will be interesting to see.