Twice Bitten

Twice Bitten  - Chloe Neill I am going to make this short because everything I hoped this series would be fell apart in this book and right now I am just annoyed for having read it.I am annoyed at Ethan because he is an arrogant jerk and I can't see why Merit likes him, cos he is hot? Aye, but he is a jerk and I want to kick him in the crutch. I am annoyed at Merit because she no longer felt kick-ass, she felt weak and she should have known better. I am annoyed at them together because I honestly could not feel the attraction. They like each other a lot..yes but I no longer feel it.I am annoyed at the tone too, I should be not be. I like it light, but right now it felt like her saying it is a vampire frat house just is too true. No one is acting like adults anymore, they are kids in one big house. It even felt a bit too YA.As you can see I was not that happy about this book, and still the writing was so much better than other books that have gotten a higher grade from me. But the difference is that I enjoyed those books, while here the word for the day is annoyed and I am sad. If I can't respect the characters I got nothing left.Conclusion:*sad reader*