Deacon's Ark (The New West, #2)

Deacon's Ark (The New West, #2) - A.E. Stanton It took me a while to find the book on GR, but yes finally success. And as always it is s novella so not much happened.Josie, Deacon and Sadie are looking for a mystical city. Most of the book takes ship in a ship and they will face some pretty bad things. And since this is a short one I will not say what those bad things are. But this land is sure going to hell, I have a hard time seeing a future for them. Well it does not take many to start anew but still, as long as they survive.It's a nice dystopian western series. Hope is not something you find here (well except when talking to Josie and Deacon), and I do like that it is dark.The book ends with somewhat of a cliffie. I fear what they will see next, and i am hoping for some good news.