Alien Proliferation

Alien Proliferation - These books are insane. I think Gini took everything she liked, mixed it together, went a bit crazy, wrote it down and made a freaking marvelous books. I think all authors should just run with it like she does. But then I am sure if someone else did it, I would think "come one, please", but here, here it works.What to say then, I am a bit lost for words. Ok, I will try to put my kind back together. Kitty is awesome as always, I really need her as my bff. She kicks ass and saves the day. Martini, her hubby, is to die for. I really need a Martini for my own. Even his jealousy is adorable. Together they are meant to be. A true power couple, and one that gets a baby in this book.The rest, well I love Christoper, I still do not like Chuck *shifty eyes* (trying to steal Jeff's woman!), the poofs are wonderful, I really liked the pontifax in this one, James is great, ACE is cool, and you know the rest. You have to love these people.The action is nonstop, from her giving birth, to trying to understand who is behind it all. There is a big conspiracy underfoot, and just when you think it is solved you see that there is lots of pages left, aha, more things to come. It's not as easy as it looks.In the end what more can I say than that it's a series that I recommend. It even had me dreaming about aliens :)