Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish

Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish (Windham, #4) - Grace Burrowes n this new series from Burrowes it is time for the Windham sisters to find love and we start with Sophie.This book is different from the 3 about the brothers. This one is slower, not in a bad way, but the other books had their big secret and a bit of drama connected to that. While this one had a more peaceful pace and even if there was passion it was not as big. I will get to the reason of this all soon enough.Sophie has been out for a long time, but she has yet to marry. She is the sensible daughter who takes in strays cats and limp horses. She is quiet and nice and she is all alone in a big house with a baby that was left behind. In comes our hero who she meets and who helps her. This book is also as much about the baby as it is about these two. Vim stays to help, he a good man, nice, helpful and falling for a woman who he does not know is a Duke's daughter. That is where the tiny drama comes in, mostly because of a misunderstanding. I liked how they grew closer together thanks to the baby. They cared for him together and fell in love (and lust). There is where the stillness of this book comes in, for a long time it is just the two of them and baby Kit. Then when it changes the tone of the book changes to a bit, the stillness is not as still, but there is still a calm as forces try to get them together.Conclusion:A nice Christmas tale about love and family.