The Last Queen

The Last Queen - C.W. Gortner It's hard to grade this one, for my personal enjoyment it gets a lesser grade cos I felt so sad, but as for the writing and story it gets a higher grade. Because it was really good.Juana de Loca as she is known as did not have an easy life. Married at 16 to a handsome prince she was happy, for a while. But that love turned as he wanted her kingdom. He treated her horrible, and declared her insane. Well if my man gave all my things to his whore then I would jump her too. If she was insane is the question, sure they had it in the family, but the way she was treated could only have made it worse. And it is also said at the end that it really showed long after when her last child was taken from her and she was left all alone. So no she did not have a happy life, first screwed over by her husband and then by her father. The book ends with her being locked away. She was a woman ruled by men.It did make me think a bit, her mother was strong and ruled her kingdom, she went to war and knew her mind. Perhaps poor Juana was not as strong, because I do not think her mother would have tolerated being handled like that.Still it is a fascinating story, Juana's life, for a few years, and the quest of who will rule what is Spain. Being heir to kingdoms was certainly not easy. And Gortner writes the story so well, I really feel for Juana, and the things that did happen he explains so well. What she might have thought right then.Because of this it is a book I recommend, and I do confess that plenty of times while reading I thought to myself how much men suck. Bastards!