Revealed - Kate Noble Yes this is what historical romance should be like. Sweet, fun and just adorable in every way. Phillippa is the leading lady of the ton. She can sure be a bit snobbish, but that is not her true self. So I have to like her at once. She is funny, nice, she can be careless, she wants too much, she does not see what is in front of her, but everything just makes me like her more.The hero, Marcus Worth soon becomes entangled with her, and he regrets the day it happened. He is calm, analytic, nerdish, and yes I have to like him too. And is he the elusive Blue Raven? Together they banter, and fall for each other, but of course both do not acknowledge that. He is a bore, she is a snob. The perfect couple.You will never be bored when reading this book. The plot will keep you busy, the hunt for a French spy, and of course how Phillippa goes from party to party. She does not sit still. There is always something that kept me turning the page to find out what happens, I smiled, and I knew I want more.So yes of course I recommend this book. Now I just need book 2.