The Virtuoso - Grace Burrowes Ever since I read about Val in book 1 I wanted to read his book, he just felt so different than other heroes. He just sat by his piano all day long and played. He sounded so sweet.In this one he wins an estate and goes to fix it up, and to rest since his hand is red and swollen (poor Val, all he wants to do is play). There he meets his heroine, Ellen Markham, a young widow, a nice soul who lives all alone in the woods. And she has got a secret, just like the 2 heroines before her. She does sit on her secret for quite some time, but then we get a few clues along the way what she is hiding. And you always think it is so much worse than it really is. Also, it is not Val is perfect either, because he keeps a secret too, he does not tell her that he is the son of a Duke. And she does tell him that she has a secret.But mostly this book is about these two meeting and falling in love (lust first ;), they are nice to each other and gets along splendidly. He also works on getting his manor in order, and someone is sabotaging. There is also that question, why is someone doing it? And of course the secret of what Ellen is hiding. It brings a bit of thrill to this romance and it is that which keep you going, because you just need to know what is going on, even when you have figured it out. And like the two other books she has written in this series there is always that romantic shimmer over it all, and the hero is the one who fights. And I am a sucker for a hero who fights for his love and is the one who wants to put things right and win her hand.