Highland Storms

Highland Storms - Christina Courtenay I had missed it when I started but soon realized it (yes I do not always pay attention), this is actually a sequel to Trade Winds that was released last years. But you do not need to read that book to read this one. This book is about Brice Kinross, the son of the main couple of Trade Winds.Brice goes from Sweden to Scotland to take over as Laird. He is nice, a bit heartbroken, and looking for something. Our heroine, Marsaili, is trying her best to be good at her job, and not end up like her mother. Used and abused by men she could not say no to. The attraction is there when they meet, but it takes a while for them to realize it. Because nothing is never easy now is it.The book is then about him taking over as Laird and dealing with that. Because the man who took care of the land embezzled the money, and Brice is trying to catch him in the act. The bad guy is such a gross creepy man who I just want to knee in the groin, well done on the bad guy. Seton, that bastard! He is going to make things hard for both of them.The book has its share of danger, excitement, romance and the last 100 pages are truly the best in the book because the danger is always near. My heart is in my throat and I speed my way through them to see if there can be a happy ending for these too. I would not call this historical romance, and neither fiction, it's a middle thing and it fits it well.Conclusion:I have read two books by her before and I must say that this one was my favorite because of those last pages, she sure kept it interesting and it sure was dark there for a while.