Jane Austen Made Me Do It: Original Stories Inspired by Literature's Most Astute Observer of the Human Heart

Jane Austen Made Me Do It: Original Stories Inspired by Literature's Most Astute Observer of the Human Heart - Laurel Ann Nattress, Lauren Willig, Adriana Trigiani, Jo Beverley, Alexandra Potter, Laurie Viera Rigler, Frank Delaney, Diane Meier, Syrie James, Stephanie Barron, Amanda Grange, Pamela Aidan, Elizabeth Aston, Carrie Bebris, Diana Birchall, Monica Fairview, Janet Mullan As always like with all stories, some I liked some not so much. Some I wanted to read more of because they were good, and some I thought also needed to be longer because I was just confused when they were so short. All in all this was a nice collection of different variations, modern version and a few ghosts.Jane Austen's Nightmare Syrie JamesJA meets her characters, it was such a delightful and short story :D Must read more by this author.Waiting: A story inspires by Jane Austen's Persuasion by Jane OdiweAnne and Wenthworth. A little but about the past and the proposal now. Sweet.A Night at Northanger by Lauren WilligGhost Trekkers at Northanger. Not my favorite story. It was good, but to me it did not feel very Jane Austen like.Jane and the Gentleman Rogue: Being a fragment of a Jane Austen mystery by Stephanie BarronJane Austen and spies. I do not know about this one, it was ok, but I just do not know why she cared for something.Faux Jane by Diane Meier and Frank Delaney writing as F. J. MeierI do admit to feeling confused during the whole story. Not for me. Nothing Less Than Fairy-land by Monica FairviewEmma and Knightley after the honeymoon. Another sweet one. Poor Emma, her dad sure is troublesome. Very enjoyable and I must read more by this author. Love and Best Wishes, Aunt Jane by Adriana TrigianiA letter and I was bored, that is it. Jane Austen and the Mistletoe Kiss by Jo BeverleyA lovely story about a widow with 3 daughters and a HEA. A short story that worked well and would surely have made a great book too. When Only a Darcy Will Do by Beth PattilloI was worried that the modern stories would not work for me, but this one was nice. A woman holds JA tours and meets a guy. And what a guy. Heard of You by Margaret C. SullivanAdmiral Croft and the story how he met his wife. Awww young Frederick Wentworth, I always did like stories set at sea. The Ghostwriter by Elizabeth AstonJA helps an author write a book. I liked how JA was portrayed here, not as you would imagine her at all. Mr. Bennet Meets His Match by Amanda GrangeHow he met his wife. Yes he fell for a pretty face, and I liked how it showed that he was still happy with his choice.Jane Austen, yeah, yeah, yeah by Janet MullanyA teacher talks about Sense and Sensibility during detention and compares them to the Beatles to get the girls interested. I liked this discussion as it does show you can do anything with JA.Letters to Lydia by Maya SlaterMaria Lucas is watching and writing letters about how she thinks Lizzy and Darcy are up to something. Delightful letters, and it seems Maria could have played a crucial par behind the scenes.The mysterious Closet: A tale by Myretta RobertsHonestly again I was just confused. i think the story was good, but needed to be fleshed out cos now confusion took over.Jane Austen's Cat by Diana BirchallAn ok story. Not much going on in it.Me and Mr Darcy, Again.... by Alexandra Potter4 years after book 1 and I do have that book...I might just have to read it and see the woman who met Mr DarcyWhat would Mr Darcy do? by Jane Rubino and Caitleen Rubino-BradwayA YA story, very nice and I liked this one where a young boy learns to dance and meets a girlThe Riding Habit by Pamela AidanNot much happened in this one where Lizzy learns to ride but it was still good.The Love letter by Brenna AubreyA twist on Persuasion, an ok story but not much happening.The Chase by Carrie BebrisA story about JA's brother. Sea chases and so on, something I would rather see on tv than read.Intolerable stupidity by Laurie Viera RiglerFirst I was all confused because it was really strange, but after a while I started to enjoy it. A very weird story that should just be read.