Tall, Dark and Cowboy

Tall, Dark and Cowboy - Joanne Kennedy There is nothing like a good western, I guess that is why people come to my blog by searching cowboys because I always seem to have something nice to say about them. Perhaps it's because I am country born and bred. But more likely because cowboys are hot.In this one we have a former geeky farm boy who all through High School was in love with a pretty Cheerleader. But this was a nice cheerleader, not a bitchy one who looked down at him. Still that was not something that would get a happy ending and that brings us to today. Chase is now a hunky cowboy and Lacey is a trophy wife who always did what she was told. She wants to stand on her own legs now, something I applaud. She had everything before, but she was not happy (her husband truly sounds like a big ass.) Chase is afraid to get hurt (poor guy was sure in love with her), but he is a good guy so you know how the story goes. And little by little these two realize they are meant to be. It's a very nice romance, and a bit passionate too. I also like that he is the one that knows from the start and want more. I can't say no to a man like that.There is also a bit of suspense in it. Lacey is on the run from her ex-husband's shady affairs and someone is after her. Which makes it exciting too.All in all this is a good romance, a heroine that is really trying to better herself, a hero you can't say no to, a good cast of side characters that you would like to know, a bitchy woman you will want to slap and a creepy "villain."Conclusion.It made me smile and that is all I ask for. I want to lose myself in a good romance and in the end I would read more books by her. It made me happy.