Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter)

Angels' Blood   - Nalini Singh A funny thing about this one, some books I read and enjoy. But that urge to read the next one does not does not show. Sure I would read it, but I do not need to buy it. That happens with the books I fall for...and this one. It was not falling for worthy, but darn it if it was not awesome still. Because it succeeded with that those others does not manage. It made me crave the next.It must have been the crazy alpha angel. Those idiotic males who think mine mine mine just make me weak. And Raphael, oh he is good at that. He is an ass, he is sex on a stick, and he is possessive. He is the kind of male you should just run from, and that makes him the more exciting.Elena is the kind of woman that should just tread carefully, she is too smart mouthed, but you just have to like her. Because she does not back down, not even before an archangel (yes she has a deathwish it seems.) And together they explode.The book is dripping with sexual tension, and two characters that can't play nice with each other. Great.I should say something about the story, angel gone bad, needs to be hunted down. Tension, tension, a but of ass-kicking and the end.But I must say that I was not a fan of Dmitri, he just came around as creepy instead of sexy creepy...what sexy creepy is I have no idea. But he was a good side character none the less, and I like the world Singh built up. I also liked that religion, nope nothing about that. Perhaps these angels are just called that and they are just freaky beings.I do want more.