The Royal Scam (The Martian Alliance)

The Royal Scam - Gini Koch Honestly I can't say much since it was really short. But I will try my best.I would not say it was much like her other series about Kitty. No, the tone was different and the laughter, fun and sexiness was not here. It was just more sci-fi, which is a good thing.The crew are con artist, and what their big con is in the end we do not get to know. But we learn what the smaller con is and it surprises me. I did like that. As for the crew, there are humans, not so human like beings, shapeshifters,, just your regular crew really.Even if the writing was good, for me the novella was just too short. It was like I rushed in and then out again. Still for Koch fans it is a must.I also found myself more interested in another storyline that will not be looked at. Too bad cos the Princess one could be interesting.Rating:Too short for me