The Goblin King (Shadowlands Series)

The Goblin King - Shona Husk Ok so the guy on the cover might not look much like our hero, he has got dreads and when he is a goblin he is all icky, but then this can be how he looks at the end :)Anyway, to the story! Roan lives in the shadowlands, a horrible place of nightmares. He is cursed and has been for 2000 years. He used to be a good king, but now he is a man whose greed might make him into the goblins he hate. He is loosing little by little to the curse. But there is something there, and sure at times in the beginning I thought he was a bit too alpha idiot, but I still could not look away.Eliza, the deal that annoyed me there for a moment was how fast she fell, but come on, this is a romance after all. So I went along with that, cos in the end, Roan is a hottie, he is alpha, and he is a mighty warrior. Eliza has grown weak and scared. She is being bullied by her idiotic fiance and even though she has everything her lives sucks. She just wants out. And when these two meet, a woman who needs something more, and a man who needs help fighting his demons, well you can guess what happens. Flames of passion and lots of drama.Because life is not easy. She has her ass of a fiance. He has not much time left to live with his fading human soul. The goblin is taking over. They are doomed from the start, but they still can't stay away from each other.It was the goblins, the curse and the world that did it for me. It was good, and I also really liked his brother Dai. When the book ended I kind of wanted a book with him too, must be because he was a nerd. I do like the more beta male too.All in all a good book that had me reading fast, I enjoyed the romance and the passion they shared. It was a fairytale happy ever after with goblins, fights and the will to love.