A Dash of Scandal

A Dash Of Scandal - Amelia Grey Delightful and charming, those are the words to describe this book. It was just so sweet and wonderful. I had a grin on my face while reading and I just could not read fast enough. At the end I truly feared for them, even though I know that of course there would be a HEA.Millicent, our lovely heroine comes to London to help her aunt, who writes a gossip column in secret. But she needs Millie's help and so Millie gets her season but tries to stay under the radar. But what would the book be if she was not spotted by someone. Oh yes one of the most notorious rakes in the city, one that is always in the papers for thsi and that. But Chandler is never such a rake (ok he is ;), but most of all he is nice and he wants to pursue her. Sure he has women in his past, but the gossip always makes more of a thing that it really is. Still, I truly enjoyed these two together, because Millicent tries to stay away from him, but he keeps showing up, at balls, and in secret. I do love a man who does not give up even though she tells him to.I think the only thing I did not like was the scene where these two found passion together. Sure it was good, but up to that it was just so sweet and i liked it sweet since I went to "oh no! her virtue is gone" mode. But for the rest of you, yes things will heat up once too. These two can't stay away from each other.As for the story, it was fun, she writes gossip, he is trying to catch a thief and gets the wrong idea. There are misunderstandings and plots, and most of all, two people falling in love. And he does not want a wife, and she does not want a rake. Yes they are perfect for each other in the end.Like I said, it was a delight to read this book. It was sweet and fun and I read it in a heartbeat with a smile on my face. I need to read more by Amelia Grey, she does not disappoint.