Darkfever  - Karen Marie Moning I have heard a lot about these books, and then I mean a lot. It was all Barrons this and Barrons that. And now I finally got the chance to try it out for myself.Mac leaves for Ireland to investigate her sisters murder. Let's just say that I would have left it for the cops to handle. There she meets a mystery man called Barrons and is soon neck deep in fae and magical objects.Now did I see the attraction between Mac and Barrons? Nope, not at all, I guess that comes later. Did i think Barrons is an ass, yes! There you have it, I join that little minority that does not like Barrons. I know others like him even though he is a jerk, but I just do not like guys like that (think Ethan in the Chicagoland vampires series). Was I still interested in Barrons? YES. Arghh, it drove me freaking insane! He is someone, Fae seem to be weary of him, but what and who is he? Do I get answers? No no, I am sure that will take the entire series.There is also this question what this book is. I do not want to call it urban fantasy cos honestly there was no asskicking at all, well a tiny amount. And there is no real romance either. So you know what, I am just calling this a urban fantasy romance since it to me feels like a hybrid. And I do like it as the hybrid I feel it is.Ok yes I know I said no romance, but there is lust. One sexy as hell scene, but which also was creepy. The person that is lust and sex and orgasm by death is V'Lane and you will know when you meet him.What I am left with at the end is answers I really want to know. So the book did not rock my world at once, but neither did the Kate Daniel book. It took book 2 to get me from like to addiction. It is a good book and it made me want more. And considering how crazy people are about this series I guess it gets better and better. And I think I could get quite addicted. It is the questions, they just suck you in.It was a good start to this series and an introduction to strange new world. And the Fae has never been more nasty.