Wedding Affair

The Wedding Affair - Leigh Michaels Again there are three couples that will find love in this regency romance by Leigh Michaels. And I do like that there is more romance to go around.First we have Olivia who after her husband's death is poor, and living with her daughter in a little cottage. She meets Simon, the Duke of Somervale and the first meeting is not a good one. But then by the look of her he does not think she is a lady either. But he has every young woman in the area after him and he comes up with the perfect plan. These two together, what to make of them really, I do like how they fell without knowing it. I liked Olivia and she did not have the best of marriages. Simon manages to get some fire out of her and Simon then, well he was not looking for something but is still falling. And I just loved how he was around her daughter.Then we have Kate who is staying with Olivia since she has no where else to go after her father's death. She is being courted by the vicar, poor thing, cos he is, just think of Mr Collins. But she meets Andrew, who she had a crush on when she was younger. Last we have what was actually my favorite storyline. At the wedding we meet Lady Penelope who is there with her husband. A crappy marriage it is, her father wanted a title for her and Charles needed money. Now he resents his wife and does not even look at her. It was just so sad because it was not Penny's fault. But she finds her own voice and because of that I loved the story. Because when these two start talking they really start talking. And it was about time.All these stories take place during a wedding and since they are all at the same time the POVS jump around. It works great too and I was happy to see that more than one couple found love. Because they all truly deserved so.Conclusion:A lovely book that had me reading. And even though I liked one story more they were all good and together even better. I do find that I like Michael's voice.