The Hour of Dust and Ashes

The Hour of Dust and Ashes - Kelly Gay Omg, yes I have to start with a omg. This book has a nice little ending where the problems of the book are solved, but, the but is a big one. Then there is that one lose thread, that cliffhanger that makes me say that Kelly Gay is one evil woman, and please can I have book 4 now.Atlanta is now covered in darkness after the events in book 2. Charlie is back and doing her job. Kick-ass as always,a fiercely protective mother, and just nice. I like how she handled Rex, oh by the way, I am totally falling for Rex. I hope he stays just like that. A sweet guy. And now many would handle it like she did, when a spirit tookover her dead ex-husbands body.Ok to the action, non stop, they are dealing with suicides (ash users), and since Bryn, Charlie's sister is on ash then she has to be guarded. Someone is pulling strings but who? She will also do something big to save her sister, and even go to hell. I must say I liked Charbydon, it sounds so scary and cool. But then that is "hell" should be like. So a lot of dangerous situations, monsters and that hint of romance. Yes I did not forget about that. Hank, her partner and Charlie has been sniffing around each other for a while now, and they still are. But the tensions are there and I just wish they do it already ;) But then he is just too good looking and can make a woman melt with the sound of his siren voice. I do get why she takes it slow. Oh Hank, damn, I am falling.Then I am back at the end. I can't say anything but I want book 4 now because, because...well I can just say you would want it too. That book is going to be hell of a ride and I am pretty scared now what Kelly Gay will think of.Conclusion:A good book that had me reading and yes we all know what I thought about the end. I will need to buy that book at once when it comes out.