Galaxy Girls (Galaxy Girls, #1)

Galaxy Girls (Galaxy Girls, #1) - Edie Ramer The review is done interview style each answering up to five questions about the story. Done with LisQuestions:1. So this is an unusual book. Can you tell us what this story is about?They are from one hellish planet where men are warriors and women are only breeders. If the children are defected (not fertile or warrior enough they are aborted, or if they man just do not want a girl child.) The men are brutal. There is no love so you can understand why our four heroines travel across space and comes to earth. But Phyrne gets pregnant trying to save them (you just have to read that to get it) and 6 years later the hunky FBI agent has not forgotten her and neither has their home world. This book is about them trying to live heir life but secret agents and warriors from home does not want that. And it also about love since not all men are as creepy as those back home.2. What did you did think of the romance setting in Galaxy Girls?Well, it’s most definitely not your everyday boy meets girl romance. I mean how many heroes do you come across who can use pheromones and ovulation as a weapon? Apart from that, there is definitely a spark between our two heroes, but as I said it’s not your typical romance. Phyrne and Hawk spend a great deal apart from each other, both after they first meet and later on in the story. While it worked for the story, I would have loved to see them together more. However, that wasn’t the main goal of this story. There are several other men in the story that would do for a good romance too. Yum!3. Galaxy Girls is quite the funny story, which scene had you doubling over in your seat?Owh hell, I have to choose? Hmmm, alright…well. I guess it would be the start of the book. Reading about Phyrne using her –erh – weapon to take down the nasties was just hilarious. I was actually sitting in the train while reading that and my face must have been very comical to my fellow travellers: wide eyes, open mouth and then laughing like a loon! I can most definitely say that while I’ve read a lot, I never read anything quite like that before! 4. Out of the four gals who did you like best and why?That would be Phyrne. I just loved her from the get go. Hard not to. I like her strong, independent and caring nature.5. Did you think this story has depth or is it a comical airy romance?There is nothing airy about Edie Ramer’s stories, though while this story is definitely not a Donna Tart novel (thank the gods of books for that) it’s also not a fluffy bodice ripper. There is some depth too it, but more it’s just a fun adventurous story with strong independent women. 6. What are your thoughts on Galaxy Girls, did you like the story?I liked the story because I am fascinated with new worlds. Sure we did not get much of their home world but we got enough for me to know that I would never want to visit. It was also fun to see these aliens settle on earth, which they had only seen on tv. It was also hard, ok not hard, but to know who to trust. Did Hawk really want the best for them? What about the rest? We all know that when agents and aliens meet it does not end well and I would not want my new favourite family dissected. And of course there was a bit of romance/passion and I never say no to that.7. Are there any underlying themes or (romance) tropes in this story?This is one of Lis' questions and I am trying to wrap my head around it. Let's see if I can figure it out. Ok, there are the damsels in distress theme, but these damsels wants to take care of themselves, but it is still there. And sometimes you just have to ask a man for help (or a woman for that matter). It does not matter who you are if you got the skills.I can pull out the lost lover card, ok so it was just a one quick heated session but he sure never forgot her. There is also a bit of a beauty and beast theme, and I can't say more about that either. And how about the secret baby trope! Oh yes I almost forgot about that. And a bit of enemies turned into lovers. All in all making it one fun ride. 8. How are the men/man in this story? Do they actually partake in the story or are they just there for decorations?The men, who to start with? I liked the creeps from Kergeron the best. Why? Well cos they were scary! The only thing that is on their mind is war and getting good babies out of their women. Even the sex is quick and no fun. I can't say too much about the pursuers but they do give an insight into the mind of the baddies.Hawk, our good guy, oh he is just good. Filled with feelings of sex and revenge. But when he sees the kid, awwww. Still sure he could be a part of the decoration, but in a good way. He have to be there, but at the same time it is Phyrne's story.9. What is your overall conclusion of Galaxy Girls?My overall conclusion would be that you’d be crazy not to want to read this book! Even if the title sounds a bit tacky, it draws you straight into the story from the first chapter!10. Who was the writing style of this book?As always, Edie Ramer’s writing is solid, strong and inventive. She doesn’t just tell a story, she spins it. With her writing she manages to draw you right into a stor