Right Hand Magic (Golgotham Series #1)

Right Hand Magic - Nancy A. Collins review posted at Alternative read.comMore like a 3,75It was just something about the style of this book that made me fall for it. It is urban fantasy, but different than the rest because the heroine is not kick-ass. Instead the whole tone feels real as she explores a world she has not entered before.Tate as she calls herself is an artist, who welds things together and her blue blood family is not too happy about it. But she loves art and to find a new place to live she heads to Golgatham. She is mostly used to her own safe New York and the city part known as Golgatham is new to her. Sure she knows what lives there but she has not associated with beings like that before.That is why this book felt so real. Everything she saw was knew to her and she said the wrong things, she feared. She was freaking normal. Who would not think leprechauns, satyrs and werewolves are weird?! Her landlord is one of them, belonging to a sorcerer race that has 12 fingers, cat like eyes and freaky hair. But he is one of the good guys, and does not deal in curses. So yes she felt out of place and after she found out more about this world she felt more at home, even if there were some anti-human feelings against her.Therefore I liked Tate, she was real. As for Hexe, yes I had to like him too because he was not like your typical hero either, all alpha and strong. No, he was more nerdy, cool, calm, really sweet and nice, but with one good talent of magic. He can still hold his own.There is a romance part, but it takes time, just as it should. There is also some action but that also takes some time to come, which was good. Tate and Hexe stumble upon something sinister and they do not rush into it. Now, they deal with it when it comes along.I do recommend this book. It was a different sort of urban fantasy and after I finished I wanted more of Hexe and Tate. I sure enjoyed it and I had a hard time putting it down.