Bath Tangle

Bath Tangle - Georgette Heyer What a mess, or should I say tangle. I can't spoil anything but it gets messy when people fall in love, or think they are in love. The title sure suits the book. Serena has quite the temper and is not afraid to say what she thinks. She is a real whirlwind. I can't help to like her because she is just so different. She moves to Bath with her step-mum, who is younger and a very timid thing. Fanny can't see any faults with Serena (and trust me, she does have faults.) Then we have Rotherham who is an ogre, but then his temper does suit Serena as they yell at each other and call each other things. They used to be engaged but that did not work out. I am not sure about Rotherham because I do feel at times that he is not a gentleman, but then again, oh I can't tell you, the plot has to be read or else I will spoil things.Moving on to secondary characters. Major Kirkby who is, yes what is he? Just smitten and not much of a personality. Young Emily who plays the part of the brainless beauty. Mr Goring, who we do not see much of at all but who seems to be the only true gentleman and he has a brain.People will get engaged, people will fall in love, worship others and in the end all will end well and those who should be together will be together. But the way there is long and there will be misunderstandings, elopements, engagements, and general craziness. Because this was after all a time when you did not say what you felt and people in love have always been idiots.Again it amuses me when she uses a certain sentence, how someone made violent love to another. That has me giggling like crazy since that only means kissing. I do hope she uses the word in all her books and I will continue to be amused by all the silly little things.Another fun Heyer book where for once they may act very proper but Serena and Rotherham sure do not talk like that all the time. Quite shocking.Conclusion:Very sweet and it did have me worried if the right people would get each other.