Quiet Gentleman

The Quiet Gentleman - Georgette Heyer My second Heyer book was a bit different because there was a big mystery in it, still it was not one of her true mystery novel. There is romance, mystery and the stillness that is proper manners.First I was not sure about this one, mostly cos I felt Gervase was going after the wrong woman. Well I feared so. Though that fixes itself because he is a very quiet gentleman. A proper and nice man, a bit too nice actually. But then I do think Heyer seemed to like second chances and being all nice and all.Back to the story. Gervase comes home. His younger step-brother resents him because he wants to be lord of the manor and get the pretty girl. Soon strange things start to happen. Who wants to kill Gervase? And that is the question. The way she continued to spin things did have me wondering even if I guessed it (ok I did not settle, I had options).Martin the step-brother was very young and rushed into things. Still I never disliked him. Cousin Theo was all nice and managed things around the place. Miss Morville I liked from the start and hoped Gervase would fall for her. Miss Bolderwood was the beauty everyone fell for but yes just too pretty and nice (not the smartest cookie in the jar). Lucy (not a girl, just a nick-name) was Gervase's friend and fell for the local beauty too. But before you think everyone fell for her, I think I can spoil things and say that Gervase did not. It's not really a spoiler since he kind of realizes it at once. It was a full cast of characters who all brought something to the book.And again, everyone is just so proper and it is fantastic. The style is truly Austen and the language so too. I can't help to giggle when a certain young woman cries that someone tried to make love to her. Oh the phrasing is just wonderful. She meant kiss, nothing more. Still I did feel it was a bit slow at times, but I enjoyed it none the less.Conclusion:Heyer is just fun.