Red's Hot Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs Series #2)

Red's Hot Cowboy - Carolyn Brown More a 3,75This one can be read as a stand alone even if it is in a series. We met Pearl and Wil briefly in book 1 and in this book they meet each other for the first time. This book is just sweet as butter on fried chicken, oh wait, that wasn't a good one, I am not good at creating these sayings. Brown just this way with words in the book but I am not as good as her. And I love those sayings! This book just makes me want to get a cowboy of my own, listen to country music (which I have started to do) and just enjoy it all. It had me smiling and looking around the room for someone to tell how darn sweet it was. On to the story: Pearl had a good job but gave it up to run her aunt's motel. Sure the work was hard, but she wanted change and I liked how she just took a chance like that. She is also really sassy and she meets her match in Wil. A cowboy and farmer to the core, and he is just the man to tame her. Together they were just lovely. It's lust at once, but they still take it sort of slow (I said sort of), get to know each other and realize that they are just meant to be. The book is truly their story, how he courts her and how they get their HEA.There is also the plot about the help she hires at the motel and I liked Lucy. And of course we meet everyone we met in book 1. There are more cowboys who will fall in love and I can't wait to read about the O'Donnell brothers.Conclusion:The word is sweet. I love the characters, the way they interact and the whole atmosphere. She makes me want to read more books just like this.Rating.Yes I will say it again, sweet as pecan pie (which I have never tasted but I hope it is sweet)