Plain Fear: Forsaken: A Novel

Forsaken - Leanna Ellis I have sure seen those Amish romance books around and wondered if I should try one, well I did (in a way), it seems my first Amish book was a Amish vampire romance suspense book.Hannah is the heroine. The Amish do not dwell on things but she can't forget Jacob. She seems very lost in her pain and she questions God for taking Jacob from her. Still she is a nice enough young woman and she can see that Levi, Jacob's brother is in love with her. Levi, him I did like. He wanted to wait for her, until the end of times if that is what it took. A good man.But something evil has come to Amish country. Dead animals and people, and a former cop named Roc comes hunting for answers. Yes vampires, we do get that from the start and that the vampire named Akiva is Jacob and he wants his lost love back.I do like that it took place where it did. It just made it so more interesting, especially when they put their faith in God and what happens happens. And of course I also liked that vampires are evil. Nope they cannot become nice, they are evil and when they feed they kill. Just as vampires should be. Still something was missing for me at times, perhaps it was the love. I did like the poems here and there but I still do not know if I felt the love between Hannah and Jacob, but I did feel that Levi loved her. And that she was entranced by Akiva. Perhaps the spark was gone.Conclusion:Vampires and Amish, I do like that the author tried something new.