Confessions of an Improper Bride

Confessions of an Improper Bride - Jennifer Haymore This was certainly a different sort of love story, it was also kind of slow, but do not get me wrong. I do not mean that in a bad way. I am just saying they mostly kept calm and they did not hurry.Serena was 18 when she fell for Jonathan who was just as young. They loved, and then when the scandal broke he shunned her. She left with a broken heart and who could blame her for that. Now she is back but pretending to be her twin Meg who is dead. She is marrying her sister's fiancé. I can't blame her because her reputation is ruined and she could never make a match on her own. She also wants to help her sisters and her mother. They are poor and not finding worthy men back home. But still yes I do feel sorry for poor Will who wants to marry his Meg. Still I also admire Serena for going through with this to save her sisters even if the way doing so is wrong.As for Jonathan, he has also served his punishment, but I do understand him too. He was young and his father and brother managed to get to him. Still he loved her and the things he has done the last 6 years to drown his sorrows. Well his time is served.As you can see this is not an easy love story. Jonathan is friends with Will and would never want to hurt him, and neither does Serena. And she can't come out as Serena either because the ton still remember too well. But I need these two to be together, they love each other still so much.There is also a second story in this book. Serena has her younger sister Phoebe with her, and what can I say. They are a scandalous bunch it seems.It is a book about falling in love again, about doing what you want, and also about forgiveness.Conclusion:A good start to this new series and I like these sisters (oh and I also cling to the hope that Meg is still alive, a girl can hope.) There is also passion, and who does not enjoy that.