Venetia - Georgette Heyer More 3,5-75This is my first ever Heyer book! I had not heard about her before I started book blogging but when I did she was everywhere and I was intrigued by this old icon. If you are reading historical romance then you should read her too, and now I finally have. I liked what I read, a lot. I can't say I noticed that it was originally published in the 50s either.To the story. Venetia has lived all her life at Harrorgate and has not travelled at all. Her father wanted her at home and therefore she has not known many men either. Though she has two suitors, but they are soon forgotten when she meets the rake next door. Poor Venetia, she had such a thirst for life but her dad was an idiot when he was alive. Still she is just so sweet that she does not mind because she loves her home and her brother. The thing with Venetia is that she might just be too sweet. I usually do not like heroines this sweet but here it works because, well she is just so nice. She is very forgiving. But she does have a tongue on her too and can put down her suitors when they get too odious. I think that is why it works, because she has a mind of her own and I like her witty style.The style is very amusing and the banter between Demarel and Venetia is sweet, and it just made me think Jane Austen (and we all know I love her.) These two just hits it off at once, they are playful, they flirt, and it all so very cute. I know he is a rake, but not with her, though he does say a few things now and then, but so does she. For once I can be shocked for silly reasons. In the end I truly love sweet romances where people at most kiss and that is utterly scandalous of course.It is not all a dance on roses. He is a rake, so no one wants him close to them. She does have two very silly suitors. Something happens that will cause a uproar. But this is a lovestory and she knows what she wants.Conclusion:I am happy to have read my first Heyer book and I will read more. I do recommend this one to romance lovers. The style is humorous and I love the old talk.