Taken by the Others

Taken by the Others - Jess Haines I liked book 1 but I liked this one even more! And now I do not know where to start, but what else is new. The ones I like and can't put down, yes those are so hard to review.My favourite new P.I. Shiarra has avoided Others after her last ordeal which nearly killed her. Well except for her werewolf boyfriend Chaz, whom she has not yet slept with since she does not want to sign a contract handing over her life. Of course life is not that easy and if it was we wouldn't get a story. There is a new vampire in town who wants her dead (and I can't help liking him, he is so deliciously evil, truly evil.) And then there is Royce who wants her (mmm vampires) and those pesky White Hats who wants her to hunt Others for them.As you can see things are heating up, poor Shiarra gets into a lot of trouble, serious trouble. She can't fight a vampire like Max. And I like that, ok that sounds horrible, but heroines must have faults, must be normal. And she as a mere human can't fight someone that powerful. I also like that she takes it slow with Chaz since she knows what a contract like that would do (in case he goes moon crazy and rips her into pieces he won't get prosecuted). Which he hopefully never would do since he loves her.This book just never stopped. First it has me smiling because of a certain tabloid, and the next moment it had me fearing for her life. The story just flows along and takes me along for the ride and I sure enjoyed it.Conclusion:I recommend this urban fantasy series. It has a great heroine, a bit of humour, action and bloodthirsty beast. What more could a girl ask for?Rating:Did not want to put it down