Finding Destiny: From the World of the Sons of Destiny

Finding Destiny - Jean Johnson posted over at alternative readI have not read the Sons of Destiny series but from what I can figure out that is not necessary and neither are they mentioned here. Those 8 books about 8 brothers take place on an Island only briefly mentioned on this book since they make chocolate there. Instead this anthology is about 4 kingdoms and 4 couples falling in love.The Slave is about Eduor who used to be a nobleman in a country were women were only there to please men. But he ended up a sex slave in another country and is now damaged. But in the desert kingdom of Sundara he starts a new life as a farmer and falls in love. This story was my favorite as he had his problems with the past and she was so kind and sweet. It is a nice love story about how love can heal. Though I must mention that when I read her name, Chanson, I thought she was a guy.The Knight was my least favorite story. I do not know what made it so, perhaps it was that the country was so high-tech with motor horses and electric dildos. In it we meet Sir Zeilas who we already met in Eduor’s story. Zeilas is a diplomat who is sent to the new country of Guildara to build a relationship. There he falls for their leader. But I just felt something was missing, perhaps chemistry, perhaps it was the technology like I said. Because of they were that advanced then it should spread and nothing would be left of this old world.The Mage is about Gabria, who we again met in the previous story since she is sent to another kingdom as an envoy. This story was better again but I do wish I could tell you about the freakiness of her love story but that would spoil it. Personally I thought one thing was rather gross, but it would not have been gross if it hadn’t happened before. Oh yes I am cryptic but you will see. Still it was a nice story about getting to know someone and making a new life.The Pirate is about Captain Ellet who is sent to the Jenodan Isles to take care of a pirate problem but falls for the pirate instead. Nothing wrong with a bit of pirate loving and there is also another story in it since they are trying to figure out what is wrong on Jenodan. Someone is causing trouble.All in all a nice enough book about an interesting world. I would certainly like to read about Sundara and Aurul again. And like always, some stories better than other ones.