A Gentleman Never Tells (Rogues' Dynasty Series #4)

A Gentleman Never Tells - Amelia Grey More a 3,5My thoughts:The information I found stated that this was book 4, when I actually thought it was the start to a new series. The previous books are about 3 cousins finding love while this one is set at the same time, but all new characters. But they are connected and this via the man who fathered Brent's brothers and that man was also in the previous books as a side character. But you do not need to have read those previous ones at all since this for me feels like a new start.But enough with that now. In this book Viscount Brentwood is walking his mother's dog Prissy when a woman comes up to him and kisses him. And you all know what that means, scandal! And a broken engagement for her, but she did not count on him doing the honourable thing. So she finds herself engaged again and she will try anything to get out of it.I do like Amelia Grey's books because there is just something fun over them. And here that is all the things Gabrielle does when she tries to get out of this new engagement. There will be a few scandals before she is done. Her old fiancé, oh do not feel sorry for him, I personally thought he was an ass. Gabrielle also had more than one reason to break up with him. She is a very brave woman to cause scandal like that so yes of of course I liked her. As for her new man, Brent, he never knew what was coming but he did fall for her. Even if he fell in lust first. He kept up with her crazy schemes and who would not love a man who searches day and night for his lost dog. And the side characters are great as always. Gabrielle has an aunt who says what she wants to say and again we meet Lord Snellingly. This poor lord from previous books who writes the worst poetry in the world.Conclusion:I enjoyed this book and did not want to put it down before I knew what would happen. Silly I know, since obviously they would get a HEA. But it was just so witty and charming. Rating:Amusing and utterly adorable.