A Kingdom Besieged (Chaoswar Saga Series #1)

A Kingdom Besieged (The Chaoswar Saga #1) - Raymond E. Feist The fifth riftwar is about to start. Pug and the Conclave have been searching for demons for a few years and have not noticed that something is happening. And since I love Pug I am always happy to see him, and I hope there will be a lot of him. But he is also very sad since he lost his wife and son, and because of all the others he has seen die since he has lived so long.The other characters in this book are Martin and Hal conDoin, sons of the Duke of Crydee, and they will play a big part in things to come. They are young men, ready for adventure, but at the same time not ready for all the responsibilities. We also meet James Dasher, or Jimmythehand as he wanted to be called when younger because of his famous relative. A spy that tries to figure out why Kesh is attacking the kingdom. All these characters just bring me back to the first Riftwar and it's a great feeling.There is another character, Child, who wanders the demon realm and kills and grows. And then at the end there is such a twist and I never saw it coming. She sure is an interesting character.This book has the beginning of a war that is going to be devastating for the West. There are also some politics and a lot of spying going on. And the question about how Kesh put it all together without anyone knowing. Then we have the question about why the demons are fleeing their realms and what the Darkness is. Something bad is coming and it will not stop. And at the end of the book something big happens that had me stop reading and smile. It's not something good, actually it's really bad, but it's a great plot, and I can't wait to see what happens.Conclusion:Ok, so I have not read all the books. It seems I missed the 4th Riftwar, but did it matter? Not really, I could jump in and was soon up to speed about things going on. It's a new series and sure it builds on the other books but it can stand alone. Though there are all these little things and if you really want to know then you should at least read the first Riftwar saga. Fans will not be disappointed, as always, great fantasy.Rating:I had fun :D