Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling Series)

Play of Passion  - Nalini Singh More 3.5My thoughts:I haven't read a Psy-changeling book since last years P-C frenzy and still it felt just like coming home when I opened this book. And it is also about the thing I love most about these books, changelings. The Psy are just so cold but in this book it is two changelings that fall in love and it is wild.Drew is the tracker for the pack so he stands kind of outside the pack hierarchy. He is dominant but the question is how much? He has also always liked Indigo (awwwww) who is a lieutenant and therefore is above him in the hierarchy. She is also a dominant female and no one to mess with. I liked Drew, because he is charming and playful. I guess he must be cos of the things he does. Everyone likes him and yes I did fall at once too. Who would not? Indigo is different, hard but still approachable. Together they explode on the pages. But nothing is easy in the changeling universe and here the trouble is that she is dominant and 4 years older. He is hard to place in the hierarchy and she fears being with someone less dominant because that could make him resent her. So yes they have some issues to work through but the way to their HEA is just wonderful because Drew does not give up and I really adore his playful side.But like with all books there is something bigger on the horizon. The Pure PSY group wants Silence stronger than ever and they are willing to kill every PSY who has flaws and those that protect them. The clock is also ticking for a bigger showdown and I sense it will be big and bad.This is a great paranormal romance series and I feel so home in this world. It is familiar and at the same time not. If you want you can even jump straight into the middle and still feel the magic, but then you will miss all the great couples and who and what the PSY really are. Though I do confess to having not read the two books before this one.Conclusion:I truly enjoyed Drew and Indigo's story. It was romantic, playful and hot. These two have truly sizzling passion burning between them. And I should not forget the small insights we got into Hawke's and Sienna's "relationship". What can I say, when I closed the book I really wanted the next one and to see how that turns out.Try this series, you will not be sorry.Rating:Read it :)Cover:Not a fan of the heads. Sure they look nice but they are all pretty much the same