Warlord's Legacy

The Warlord's Legacy. Ari Marmell - Ari Marmell My thoughts:This book takes places 6 years after the events in Conqueror's Shadow, and sure you can read it as a stand alone novel. But if you really want to get to the bottom of things then you should read CS first.I do like Corvis, why? Well I do not know because I honestly should not. Over 20 years ago he brought death and destruction and killed..and then killed some more. He was one crazy warlord. Then he came back and killed some more but the point is that he always had an idea behind it. He wanted to make the country better since now everyone is suffering beneath the guilds and the nobles. Sure he may just have gone about it the wrong way *whistles*, but I like a good anti-hero.In this book someone is massacring nobles and the Guild and it seems to be Corvis. Though it is not so he has to clear his name, or take the easy way and just kill the person behind it all. I was also saddened to see that his wife had taken the kids and left him because she felt he would not change. Awww poor Corvis. He could not find a way to bring his nice protective personality and the killing machine to work together. Such a shame because I liked Cerris as he called himself.So he is not a good person, but he tries to be. And those that think they are good are not good either, in the end it does not matter. Nothing is black and white in this book. People do what they think is the best and it does not always work out.Conclusion.A bit more gritty fantasy where you will like the bad guys and dislike the good guys. And considering how it ended there must be more to come. It was a nice solid ending, but then there was that promise of more that may happen. And I promise you that you will like Corvis, the best of bad guys.Rating:Good