Dead Iron (Age of Steam Series #1)

Dead Iron - Devon Monk My thoughts:Steampunk Western, could it be more fun, I think not ;) What other can I say than that steampunk fits really well there.In this America we meet Cedar Hunt, he is cursed to become a wolf during the moon and then he hunts the Strange. Most folks do not believe in the Strange, but they are out there causing mischief. They are those things you only have nightmares about and then try to forget, and they follow the railway across the land. Cedar is a very conflicted man who hates his curse and he does not spend a lot of time around other people. But then I always did like mysterious brooding men.The book is about a missing child. A man who wants revenge and is willing to kill many for it. A mysterious device that has been turned dark. A witch looking for her husband. A young woman who is a bit strange. 3 brothers mining the mountains and dark things that go bump in the night. All these things and people are connected and form the story. And in the middle we have Cedar who just wants to lift his curse and mourn his brother. It turns into a great story but I shall not tell you all. Bit by bit things fall into place as we learn who the bad guy is and what he wants and why everyone is connected. It is like those matics they build in this world, piece by piece. It is a land of steam in the end. Steam and magic together even if most do not believe in the latter.I like how she mixed all these things. Old magic, new technology pieced together and the Wild West. It just seems to come together so nicely and I do like my steampunk world with a bit of magic and beings from tales of old.Conclusion:A good start to this steampunk series. And it did make me wonder what is coming next. Now I can't go and spoil things for you so I will not say anything more. But I do wonder ;) I enjoyed it and I will be interested to see what she comes up with next for Cedar.Rating:Good