Love & Freedom

Love & Freedom - Sue Moorcroft Should I say it again? Ok I will. I like Moorcroft's books because they feel so real and at the same time they are sweet and romantic. And they are so British, you have to love that feeling you get how you just want to go in live in the novel.To the story then. Honor leaves Connecticut because of troubles. I am not going to tell you what since we do not know it at once, but I do understand why she wanted to leave everything behind and start new. She is also looking for her mother who she has never known. Those two things are the troubles in her life. She has had her share of hard times but she still has a positive outlook on life and I really liked her for that. She has a good degree but she is willing to work as anything (except as what she know). Sure she could have told certain people certain things but life is not easy and she acted like anyone would act. To the man then, Martyn, and now I do not want to say more so not to spoil things. Let's just say he is really hunky, he does have a wandering eye (in the past that is) cos he has been hurt so he keeps things casual. But when these two meet they become friends since they are thrown into each other's lives at times. The attraction is there and building but neither wants to act. That is what I like about her books, people take things slow, they talk, they laugh and they fall in love.And it's England, they eat fish and chips, drink tea and say English things (which of course Honor does not understand what they mean but I have no trouble with. Used to that.) There is just something about a good British novel.So yes it is a novel about finding your freedom and falling in love. About meeting new friends and doing what you want to do instead of what other people want you to do. And last yes there is drama too, this drama comes in form of a big jerk whose ass I wanted to kick. But you can't let jerks hold you down and no one can hold Honor down any more. Conclusion:This was a lovely story that I read through fast. I was very interested in finding out who her mum was and what happened back home, and of course when she and Martyn would get together. It was sweet, uplifting and real. Moorcroft has not disappointed me so far and I hope she will write many more wonderful novels.I do recommend her novels. They are not contemporary romance and not quite fiction but a lovely middle thing in my eye.Rating:Good