Secrets, Monsters, and Magic Mirrors: Stone Arch Fairy Tales Volume Two

Secrets, Monsters, and Magic Mirrors: Stone Arch Fairy Tales Volume 2 - Donald B. Lemke RapunzelThis story is not as sweet as the latest Disney version Tangled made it out to be. Rapunzel is given to a witch as a baby and is later put in a tower, until the day she meets her princen but the witch finds out and punishes them. It gets sad for poor Rapzunel and her prince. Of course there are different versions to the story and this is one of them. But it all ends with a happily ever after. But there is sure some wicked things going on in between. I see that Stella mentioned them so I will to, the prince makes her preggers! Haha, yes that did not happen in the Disney version. But then I do like the real versions more, with blood, torns in eyes and women lost in the woods.The pictures are cute and well drawn. The clothes make it more real since they all look like they come from some nice little old German village. The colors are also very dark in a way and fits the general tone of the story. Very cute in the end.ThumbelinaTumbelina is the story of a woman who wants a child, goes to a witch and gets a tiny child to call her own. But that poor child gets kidnapped a lot and everyone wants to marry her before she finds her fairy prince. I feel very wicked but the Tumbelina figure was not that cute so I kept on wondering why everyone wanted to marry her. Also maybe that is the grown-up talking but in one picture it looks like a bug is trying to rape her o_O.This one had another look to it, and it fits perfect as a picture book for children.Snow WhiteThe tale of Snow White has a more comic/manga feel to it. The story is also a bit different, starting from the prince to the demise of the wicked queen. And it is a very good story. Though again it had me wondering. The prince did not save her, a servant did but she still fell for the prince, tsk.For kids, eh, perhaps not. Too many things going on in the pictures. This story is more for older kids and teens that can read for themselves.Another thing being told is the history at the end of each story. At the end of this one I learned something new. That some historians say that Snow White was a real person who lived in a German mining town. Margareta von Waldock who was loved by Prince Phillip II of Spain, but she poisoned at the age of 21.Beauty and the BeastThis was another cute tale and the beast looked really hideous and scary (not the kind of beast you fall in love with). But you see that his eyes were nice, and then the story gets really sad as she leaves and promises to return but her father tells her not to. But this is a fairytale and they get their happy ever after. As it should be. Still, have a little more backbone Beauty.The drawings are really simple, but in this really cute way.I also find the last page so fascinating again as it tells that the beast stayed a beast in the original version. My oh my.The Princess and the PeaThe prince meets a lot of strange and funny princesses before he returns home to the castle without a wife. The drawings suits the story once again, and the different princesses are the best part. And yes of course she slept badly on top of that! I would have been scared to death. The whole feel reminds me of something but I can’t think of what. Not much more to add.As a conclusion: These stories were all well drawn and retold. I liked them and I do think that they all are fun to read to children and adults will enjoy them too.So the overall score from me is: 4 stars