Island Heat

Island Heat - Jill Myles This is one crazy book but what could you expect from the Bermuda Triangle. Diana is taking her groping client to Bermuda to find him a house, well that was the plan. The only thing she wants to do is earn money by selling a big house to him. She is smart, single and soon to be stranded on a desert island...almost deserted that is.Oh yes this island has a T-Rex with a taste for human flesh, creepy caveman who wants to drag her by the hair to their cave and have their way with her and more. That doesn't sound like a perfect island but there is more. A hunky conquistador who does not speak English and wears only a loincloth. All Salvador wants is some company and she would be the one.For a short novella a lot happens. Running from dinosaurs, running from cavemen, finding out about the island, and of course falling in lust with Salvador.Conclusion:It was a fun and short read. It was not an island I would like to visit, but the more fun it was then to read about it.